Why choose our Security Guard Services ?

Professional expert uniformed security guards or non uniformed security guards for all of your private security needs.

Security guard services and guard patrol services are a great asset to consider. Most hotels, communities and businesses may have reasons to consider on acquiring professional security guard services , patrol services and security officers. In this day and age, home owners and business owners alike should be aware of the financial impact and damages a burglary can bring. At your home, the safety of your children, loved ones and valuable possessions is of major importance. If you are considering additional security for your home or security services for your business, or considering additional security guard services for your community, our trained security guards and security officers can provide the security and the safety your community or home may desire. Our security officers and security guards are very well experienced in security guard measures and exposed to many types of security guard training and can deter vandalism, burglary, theft and other security related incidents. Our security guards are well trained and are professional security guards that can carry out a number of responsibilities and security assignments in efforts to ensure our client’s security and protection are met at all times.

Our security guard services and protection services can be customized to fit our client’s security needs. Some clients may consider uniformed security guards or guard officers and others may consider undercover security, armed security, armed guards or non uniformed security for a less aggressive approach. In fact, from experience, it is said that uniformed Guard services and undercover security guards are most effective when combined together. In many cases, some clients consider to add hidden surveillance security cameras (covert security cameras),CCTV video surveillance systems, and access control systems for an extra security measure at their facility or home. Our security company can assist in all the security services and protection services required for personal protection matters, event security or private venues. 

Our security team works with Wenatchee Pest Control in Wenatchee. We can train anyone around the country!

Our security agency employs only high performing professional security guard officers, guard officers and patrol officers to conduct numerous security service related duties for our clients.  Most of our security guards and security officers are ex military or retired law enforcement, private investigators or private detectives. The security guards and patrol officers that are not law enforcement background are instead highly trained by security experts and or law enforcement personnel who master the security guard services industry and profession and thus provide expert security guard services, protective services, protection services and body guard services. Most of our security guards are actually cross trained with our elite security service team which provides the high profile security services usually requested by dignitaries, executive security clients, VIP security clients and celebrity security clients. Our security company has also conducted numerous venues for celebrity security and celebrity security services or escort security including secure transportation to and from events or different destinations for our celebrity and dignitary clients.

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